What We Do

"Sewing is an Art and Life Skill"

What does this mean to us?


Each day is an opportunity to sew, to teach sewing skills, and to involve others in the artistic nature and functional skill of sewing.


We sew for our Community ~ We teach ~ We learn ~ We demonstrate our sewing

Living our mission brings a smile to those around us

Artistic Sewing

Hi Ladies, I havebeen asked to write about my sewing education endeavors and share my adventures at the Yellow House, so here goes. 

    I have become an active member of the Visual Art Center of Punta Gorda. It is a non-profit organization that supports artist in the community. About a year ago the VAC (Visual Art Center) began renting a house (the Yellow House) which is located in History Park in Punta Gorda. It is for the Fiber Art Artist to gather, conduct and attend classes at. 
     As a fiber artist it is like having a club house for me and all my creative artist friends to gather, learn, inspire and educate. We welcome all those who wish to expand their creative life journey and learn/discover the world of fiber arts. Artist of all levels are accepted there. Experts work with beginners and everyone in-between to inspire and share their knowledge. We all share our love of creating and support each persons artistic endeavors. 
     I myself have taught a Wearable Art Garment  6 week class...twice. In the class individuals get inspired, design a garment, get fitted and sew a one-of-a-kind art garment. This class was a success in part thanks to ASG. This chapter of the ASG has loaned us 5 sewing machines which I use in my class. Some students have a machine and are encouraged to bring their machine in if they need instruction in it's use but most use the user friendly machines that ASG provided. Thank-you for your support. We are truly using the machines to further the art of sewing. The public has asked for a beginner/reintroduction sewing class so this spring/summer session I am offering "Dust Off Your Machine" class. There seems to have been a wave of " sewing machine phobia" going around and some people want a class to get reintroduced to their sewing machine and the world of sewing.
     There have been so many wonderful classes this winter. I took a vintage journal class and have now made 3 separate journals, 2 for genealogy  (to document the men and women in my family) and 1 as a memorial to my recently deceased dog. 
      I also took a class ( 4 weeks-1 day per week for 3 hours) on silk screen printing. We have a huge room for dying and painting fabric. The place is full of supplies which are available for students to use, experiment and create with. Classes are more like scheduled play dates. Students are often having so much fun they want the class to continue past its scheduled sessions.
     We do have open studio time on Monday and Friday afternoons. They are supervised/proctored but no class instruction. You just come and play/create using our stuff and place. Often other fiber artist are there and offer help and inspiration for whatever you are working on. People often use open studio time to make up a class they missed.
     Many of our artist are snowbirds and are preparing to go back north. But many people are staying here year round and have asked for Yellow House activities to be scheduled for this summer season too. So in answer to this, a few of us that are here in the summer are offering a few varied classes. We are trying a new format. The classes will be offered condensed into 1 week ( 4 days-- 3 hours a day)
      Well, if any of this sounds interesting to you and your creative journey then go to Visual Art Center of Punta Gorda on your computer, click on classes and check out what we are offering and when. The cost is quite reasonable and ladies, Punta Gorda is not the other side of the world...it is just a ways down the road and well worth the trip! ................Happy creating!........Evelyn


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