Volunteer Openings

Our volunteer positions are flexible- they can be shared between members and job descriptions can often be tailored to better suit your personal needs or limitations. Volunteers should attend CAB Meetings, unless excused by the President. 

If any of these positions interest you please contact our President. 

Events Reporter and Photographer


ASG Policy directs chapters to write up their events and publish them in their newsletter.

Here's a rundown of what you would do:

  • Attend Chapter Events and take photos
  • Write up the event and send it with photos to the editor, web manager and historian

Retail Liaison (South)


Kathy Pell has been our only Retail Liaison for many years now. She covers the north area (Manatee County), making visits to local retailers who support sewing in their communities by offering ASG discounts to our members and a venue for sewing educator workshops. 


Our Chapter covers quite a large area: from northern Parish/Palmetto to southern Englewood and east to Myakka City. Those areas are further served by businesses in the counties to the north, south and east of us. There are businesses are eager to partner with us - we just need more Retail Liaison Volunteers to connect with them. Retailer financial support is critical to maintain our programs, events and mailed newsletter. PLEASE contact any NG Leader or CAB Member if you would can serve as a Retail Liaison for the central or south areas of Sarasota County. Having retailers support us in Needle News, will ensure that our newsletter continues to reach your mailbox.


Here's a rundown of what you would do:

  • Visit sewing related businesses near your home
  • Provide them with Chapter bookmarks and Event flyers
  • Give them information about advertising in Needle News
  • Attend CAB meetings (in person or by proxy) and give your report
  • (Optional) Write a Spotlight Retailer column for our newsletter

Technology Assistant


If your talents include the world of computers, we can use you! We teach member classes in embroidery software, accessing online sewing sites and using their devices to stay in touch with ASG activities and offerings. We teach our leadership how to use their devices and software to access ASG information and submit their required reports. 

We also are seeking assistance with our website and Google Apps administration.


Publicity/Social Media Chair



Our Chapter really needs someone interested in being a Publicity Volunteer. The person that would enjoy this position is someone who likes connecting with people, area newspapers, libraries, sewing-related guilds, community centers & sites and public radio, & tv in Sarasota and Manatee counties. If social media or blogs interest you, please step forward! . 


People search for events happening in our community and we NEED a Publicity Volunteer to give it to them! Information like our Chapter & NG meetings, Spring Fling/Stash Sale, Round Robin/SewFest, Annual Retreat, Speaker Events & Workshops- whatever our Chapter is doing. 


The ASG Chapter Publicity Volunteer takes perhaps 30 hours over the course of a year. A bit of time to collect the information together and then to post or email it.


Here's a rundown of what you would do:

  • Discover places we can post our Event information
  • Provide information about our upcoming Chapter Activities on a routine basis
  • Tell the CAB about other Community Events where we could set up an ASG Promotion Booth
  • Attend CAB meetings (in person or by proxy) and give your report

Neighborhood Group Liaison


Our NG Liaison has been vacant for a few years and thankfully our NG Leaders have connected directly to support each other.

Here's a rundown of what you would do:

  • Collect submitted program information from the NGs
  • Write up and send it to the editor and web manager for publishing
  • Assist NG Leaders in creating programs and activities

Neighborhood Group Leader for Port Charlotte

A group of people are interested in forming a Port Charlotte area group and need an NG Leader.