Membership Information Page

Barb Mallek, 1VP is our Membership Chair.

Please contact her if you have any questions on your membership.



Needle News and our Chapter's Membership Directory are in our Member's Only Area

Note: ASG site is down so I cannot post 2017 1st quarter membership changes until it is back online.


Chapter Advisory Board Information for Officers, Volunteers and Members

KICK START your Membership Benefits! After joining ASG, send us a message and we will get you connected with our Chapter and email you some helpful information while you await your Membership Package from National HQ. 

When you join online, select "Sarasota" from the drop down menu. 

Sunshine Cards

Irene Ferguson is our Sunshine Chair. Her cards and calls are a special way of showing each member how much we care. Do you know someone with a special occasion, major celebration, concern, health issue or loss of a loved one?

Contact Irene or use the Contact Us form so she can send a ray of sunshine their way.

Name Tag Order

We use Purple Monkey for our name tags. Download the Order Form below and mail it along with your check for $15.62. When ready, it will be mailed to your home address. If you have any questions please contact Becky.

Order Form: Sarasota/Gulf Coast ASG Member Name Tag
Contact Becky (nine, four, one 928,9458) with any questions
ASG name tag order form_purple monkey.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 34.6 KB

Newsletter and Editor Information

Chapter members receive Needle News- this newsletter is a free benefit with your ASG Membership. It is mailed out quarterly to the address that is on file with ASG HQ in Houston, TX about 3 weeks after the posted deadlines. We use a Bulk Mail Permit which means it will not be forwarded. All issues are converted into a PDF file for online posting and emailing to ASG members.  


Missed an issue? If you did not get a mailed copy, please verify that your address is correct by logging into the ASG Members Only area.  If your address is correct, please contact us. Unfortunately we cannot remail a printed issue but you may be able to get one from our NG Leader- just ask her. You can get the most recent issue online from the ASG.ORG Chapter Newsletter link and all of our issues are available to any ASG member from our Chapter's  Members Only area.  


Newsletter article contributions are welcome- we are in need of photos and event writers. Click the "SEND IT" button above. Thanks a million!


NG LEADERS: Please email your NG past & future programs and Community Service report & photos each month after your meetings. Our Needle News newsletter deadlines for 2017 are Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st & October 1st.


Our Newsletter Lead Editor is Peggy McAuliffe. Peggy takes everything she has received before the deadline and organizes it into our newsletter. She sends it to the publisher who mails it out to our members,ASG staff and the ASG BOD.


Our Newsletter Retail Editor is Donna Verstrate. Donna works with our local supporting retailers. Please email her to get your ads and discounts in our newsletter. Member benefits include a personal classified listing (free) in Needle News. Businesses owned by ASG Members receive a discounted rate. Help us continue to meet our printing costs by asking the retailers that you frequent if they would like to be an ASG Supporting Retailer. 


Our Tech Support Editor is Sandi Dickenson. Sandi will help you create a form or flyer for the newsletter and website. Please email her at least 2 weeks BEFORE the form or flyer is needed. Include all known details about the activity and she will put it together in a PDF format and send it back for your review prior to being published.

Social Media Information

Our Social Media Manager is Tina Arsenault. Whenever you use our email, Tina (along with Peggy, Donna and Sandi) will will get your email and post or publish it so our members and visitors have the information. We currently have Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,(@sgcasg), SnapChat (app base; user name is: sgcasg) Instagram and Tumblr.


You Tube Tutorials:

how to use SnapChat

how to use Instagram

how to use Tumblr

how to use Twitter

how to use Pinterest

how to use Facebook


We also have a SmugMug site for our photo history. They have donated that resource to us as a non profit benefit. 

Our THANKS to: Creative Technologies, printer of Needle News who offers Non Profit discounts.

Are you an ASG Chapter looking for a locally-owned business offering fair value for bulk rate mailing of your newsletter? 

Ask us about our experience with Bob at Creative Technologies