Membership Information Page

KICK START your Membership Benefits! After joining ASG, send us a message and we will get you connected with our Chapter and email you some helpful information while you await your Membership Package from National HQ. 

When you join online, select "Sarasota" from the drop down menu. 

Lou Burns, 1VP, is our Membership Chair.

Please contact her if you have any questions on your membership.


Group Works

ASG offers a member benefit social media site called Group Works (GW). It is a third party site whose mission is to host hobby clubs and organizations free of charge in a private setting. Membership is not open to the public, you must be a member of a GW's validated club or organization to join. Please contact Sandi if you would like to join. 
GW does not sell or market your information. If you join GW you automatically will become a member of our Chapter's Group on GW and can join other ASG and hobby groups on GW. If your ASG membership expires, you will be automatically removed from our Chapter's Group on GW but you can continue to use the site and retain membership in the other GW groups you have joined. If you want to leave GW please contact them and request to be removed. 

Name Tag Order

We are looking for a business to make our name tags as our previous supplier no longer does them.

Sunshine Cards

Kimmie Bynum is our Sunshine Chair. Her cards and calls are a special way of showing each member how much we care. Do you know someone with a special occasion, major celebration, concern, health issue or loss of a loved one?

Contact Kimmie or use the Contact Us form so she can send a ray of sunshine their way.

Newsletter and Editor Information

Chapter members receive Needle News- this quarterly newsletter is a free benefit with your ASG Membership. It is emailed to the address/email that is on file with ASG HQ in Houston, TX. All issues are converted into a PDF file for online posting and emailing to ASG members.  


Missed an issue? If you did not get a copy, please verify that your address is correct by logging into the ASG Members Only area.  If your email address is incorrect, please contact us. Members may request a mailed copy. If your mailing address is incorrectly listed with ASG we cannot remail a printed issue. You can get the most recent issue online from the ASG.ORG Chapter Newsletter link and our archived issues are available from our Chapter's Members Only area.  


NG LEADERS: Please email your NG past & future programs and Community Service report & photos each month after your meetings. Our Needle News newsletter deadlines are Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st & October 1st.


Our Newsletter Editor is Crystal Allred. Crystal takes everything she has received before the deadline and organizes it into our newsletter. She sends it to the publisher who prints it so we can mail it out to our members, ASG staff and the ASG BOD. She handles our contracts for our newsletter ads and discounts. Members can place a personal classified listing (free) in Needle News. Businesses owned by ASG Members receive a discounted rate. 

Email Manager

Our Secretary assists our President as Email Manager.  We email a Blast Out to members with information about upcoming Chapter activities, member information, for sale and wanted items and anything else of interest to our members.

If you have any news to send to members, please contact us directly.

Social Media Manager

Our Social Media Manager position is vacant. Our President is managing our Facebook and Instagram sites until we get the position filled. Members can send her information about upcoming local activities, personal projects, for sale and wanted items and anything else of interest to our members.

Website Manager/Tech Support

Our Website/IT Admin/Zoom/Tech Support person is Sandi Dickenson.

Sandi manages our Chapter's Google account, domains, websites, groups, Zoom and Smug Mug, photo archive account.


As IT Administer Sandi creates the domain email address for our Officers and Volunteers. She uploads CAB Report information to our website throughout the month and together with Paulette, archives our photos online. 


Our chapter depends heavily on our volunteers and we want to make sure that you are comfortable with any computer or internet task required by your position. If you have any questions or problems accessing anything on our website or have questions about email or file management and using Apple/Mac devices please contact Sandi.

Chapter Photos

We have a SmugMug site for our photo history. They have donated that resource to us as a non profit benefit.

ASG Volunteer Discussion Groups

As the ASG Tech Liaison for ASG Headquarters in Houston, Sandi reaches out to assist other chapters with all aspects of incorporating technology especially website and domain issues. She maintains a privately hosted website to answer their most common questions. 


Sandi is a Co-Owner of the ASG Volunteer Group created by Rose Marie Lanpher (Jacksonville, FL Chapter) and the ASG Program and Speaker Exchange Program Group which was created by Julie Blood, our 2VP/Events Chair. All ASG Volunteers in any capacity are invited to join the ASG Volunteer forum or request an invitation to join. 

Our THANKS to: Creative Technologies, printer of Needle News who offers Non Profit discounts.

Are you an ASG Chapter looking for a locally-owned business offering fair value for bulk rate mailing of your newsletter? 

Ask us about our experience with Bob at Creative Technologies