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Creative Sassy Sewers is led by Kathleen Heinicke and Paulette Braga. For more information or to be added to the CSS NG Member email list please contact them. 

Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10:00 until 4:00. Bring your machine and project supplies for a day of fun at the South Manatee Library (6081 26th St West) in Bradenton. 


2018 Charity Project is: Summer Sewing Camp for 4-H Youth and Teddy Bear clothes for Salvation Army. 

Nov 10: Sewing/Serger machine mat with pockets for all your tools by Terry Petti and Fabric Girl Name Tags

[Below are] ...the preliminary instructions for the Sewing Machine Mat Organizer that will be our project at Sassy Sewers On November10.  If possible, I would like to begin the project before lunch .  The measurements are standard but can be changed for any machine needs.  It is a very easy project, but people can use a quilted piece that they already have, custom design a piece or design the top to their liking.  Due to its practicality, I have chosen the simple way which will not take long to complete...
[Contact Terry Petti with questions]

These measurements are for a standard sewing machine This can be customized for your machine and/ or serger. For example, a featherweight mat would be a smaller size and a large machine would require a larger mat. It does not matter the size that you choose.

Main fabric: 5/8 yard cotton or lightweight decorator fabric
Backing fabric :5/8 yard of cotton or lightweight decorator coordinating fabric Fusible fleece or a batting that is dense and thin. 18 x 22.
Clear Vinyl 6 inches by 22 inches . I used 8 gauge, but 4 gauge would work also. This can be customized and made shorter. If you prefer, you can use meshing, or fabric. Remember you are customizing your mat for YOUR needs . You can design it as you go.
Fabrics for the vinyl binding, pincushion and thread catcher (the latter being optional) If making pincushion, a stuffing material to fill.

Cutting and prep:
Since you need to decide the size that your mat will be, all of these measurements are for a standard mat and you would make your own revisions.
Cut 1 main fabric at 20x22 inches.
Cut 1 backing 20x 22 inches
Cut 1 fusible fleece or quilt batting 20 x 22 inches.
Cut vinyl 6 inches by 22 inches.

*You could also add interfacing to the entire piece (20x22) for more stability but this is optional. Some patterns call for interfacing rather than batting. I used dense batting or fusible fleece for mine and omitted the interfacing
Cut1 strip of binding fabric for vinyl pockets 1.5 X 26 inches
For thread catcher, I used the a circle tote pattern, but any size you would like with edges cornered will do. Just add a loop for attaching it to your mat. A sample will be at class. You will need a small piece of fabric and a tubing or long zip tie for the thread catcher. This can be finished at home after your mat is completed as can the optional pin cushion. The class will not include the making of the thread catcher or pin cushion, but I can give instructions and assistance if you need them.

Dec 8: Pins and Needles will be joining us for a joint Holiday Party Pot Luck and exchange at the South Manatee Library. Check with NG Leader for information on what to bring. 
Jan 12: "Sewing Girls" Name Tag

MAPS and Directions to Creative Sassy Sewers Meetings

(We meet at the South Manatee Library)