Our Chapter's "Members Only" Areas

The buttons/links above lead to areas that are accessible ONLY to ASG members.  You will need a password. 

We welcome our ASG visitors on all areas of our website. Please contact us with your Name, Chapter, ASG number and local address/phone so we can add you to our "seasonal list" and keep you updated. 

To add our Calendar to your computer or mobile device, use this link:



ASG Website

The ASG site is: www.asg.org 

Members need to log in with their email and password to access Chapter Newsletters, Member Discount Codes and online Tutorial Videos.

Click on the red Account Information button to update your phone, email, address, etc and to renew your membership. 

If you have a problem, please report it to ASG so their web manager can get it working.



Follow this link to log in. You can update your contact information and renew online. 

Username: the email you used when joining asg

Password:  your ASG Member # (or whatever you changed it to)


If you have tried the above and have a problem please contact ASG directly.

How to Join our Zoom Meetings

IF you are a basic computer/device user:

Option 1:

  • On your computer, click on the Zoom link found in the Zoom invitation or in our Calendar on our Home Page.
  • It will open in your browser and you will go directly into our Waiting Room.
  • You don't need a PW or Meeting ID, however, if your name is not familiar to our Host you may be asked to provide it.
  • If you are not a member or an approved visitor you may be removed after joining our Meeting and you may be reported to Zoom or be blocked from joining future meetings. We ask all visitors to please contact the Meeting Leader or Host and to give them your name before trying to join a Zoom meeting. ASG members can request approval and the PW using the CONTACT US page and providing your name, email address, your Chapter Name and your ASG number before trying to join a Zoom meeting. 

Option 2: On your iPad or tablet you will need to download the Zoom App first because no mobile devices will allow their browsers to give you direct access. This is a built in security protection practice for mobile devices.

  • Download the App  (You do not need a Zoom account.)
  • Click on the link in the email and it will automatically open the app and place you in our Meeting Waiting room.

Note 1: Using your browser offers "enhanced" transmission security encryption. People who value privacy over security generally prefer this option. 

Note 2: If you are frustrated with locating the Zoom Link, give the Zoom App a try. You do not need a Zoom account and do not need to sign in. See the first option below and if you need help Contact Us. 


IF you are comfortable with installing apps/software on your computer and/or want added security while "online" try using one of these options:


From a computer:

Option 1: Click on the link to launch your default browser. A page will display and present you with two choices, The first is "CONTINUE" which will use your browser instead of the Zoom app to place you in our Meeting Waiting Room. You will want to use the second choice, "ALLOW" which then launches the Zoom App and uses the app to place you in our Meeting Waiting Room.


If you select ALLOW, and the Zoom app (also called Zoom client) is not installed on your computer, you will be directed to the Zoom Download page. You will then need to download and install it before you can use it to join a Zoom Meeting. You do not need a Zoom account when using this option. You can open the app at anytime and use it without being logged into a Zoom account.

Zoom app download: https://zoom.us/download


Option 2: After downloading the Zoom app, sign into your Zoom account. To create a zoom account go to https://zoom.us/signup. (You do not need to enter your correct birth date. Any date making you at least 18 years old will work.) After launching the Zoom app, sign in. Then click on the emailed Meeting link and select ALLOW on the webpage that loads. You will then be connected using the app and you will go into our Meeting Waiting Room.


NOTE: By signing into your Zoom account before joining a Zoom Meeting, the app allows for a more advanced level of enhanced security. You will have the convenience of not having to type in your name. (We require your name because we admit only members and authorized visitors to our meetings.) Lastly, an account lets you store the Meeting IDs of all Zoom meetings that you attend. Additional Zoom account features and benefits are found on this Support Page.


Option 3: Use the Meeting ID and password instead of the meeting link. You will need to contact your Leader or use the  CONTACT US page to request the Meeting PW so plan ahead if you are using this option! After launching the Zoom app and signing in, select the blue button labelled "JOIN" and enter the Meeting ID located in your Zoom invitation. Next enter the PW. After you attend one meeting using the app it will retain the Meeting ID (in the drop down menu) and then you need only to enter the PW to join future meetings. No need to locate a Zoom invitation that has the correct meeting link!


From an iPad or tablet:

Create a Zoom account, download and sign into the Zoom app. You can then open the app, tap on "JOIN" and enter the Meeting ID and PW. OR you can click on the link in the meeting invitation. After you attend one meeting with the app it will retain our Meeting ID (in the drop down menu). From then on, you only to enter the PW to join future meetings. No need to locate a Zoom invitation that has the correct meeting link.


Note: Using the Zoom App/Client offers advanced enhancement security (AES) by means of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. AES is a one-time key for each specific session of Zoom. 

President & CAB

 Our President, Lorraine Potter, presides over our Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) member and appoints Chairs and Volunteers to the CAB. She makes decisions as needed between CAB meetings, introduces Standing Rules and guides our Chapter policy.


If you are an appointed Chair or NG Leader and need Leadership Area access, please contact our President. Your Member Area login will allow you to access the Leadership areas of the ASG website after our President grants that access.

Standing Rules and Policies

Standing Rules SGCASG rev. Sept. 11 2020
Adobe Acrobat Document 119.0 KB
Standing Rules SGCASG rev. Sept. 11 2020
Microsoft Word Document 20.7 KB
SGCASG Group Works Notice 2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 44.0 KB
SGCASG Photo-Name Publication Policy 202
Adobe Acrobat Document 54.0 KB
SGCASG Protection of Personal Informatio
Adobe Acrobat Document 53.7 KB

Secretary, Minutes and Chapter Records

Our Secretary is Jackie Pettit. CAB Minutes are drafted after each CAB meeting and presented for approval at the next CAB meeting. Chapter Annual Meeting Minutes are drafted after the Annual Meeting and presented for approval at the next Chapter Meeting. If you need minutes or chapter records, please contact our Secretary directly. 

Treasurer, Reports, Reimbursements

Our Interim Treasurer is Paulette. We desperately need a Volunteer to fill this as a permanent elected office. Please contact us if the position interests you.
The Treasurer's Report is presented at Chapter and CAB meetings. Any member is welcome to attend the meetings and enter the discussion. If you need a copy of the Treasurer Report, please contact the Treasurer directly.
If you are seeking reimbursement for a budgeted chapter expense you will need to file the ASG Chapter Expense Reimbursement Form and attach your receipt(s). First, download and complete one of the reimbursement forms below. Next, mail or hand the form to our Treasurer along with your receipt(s). Requests made in an untimely manner may be denied. If you have any questions on expense reimbursements please contact the Treasurer and/or President.
Chapter Expense reimbursement Form (PDF)
Interactive .pdf form compatible with most pdf readers.
Adobe Acrobat Document 84.1 KB
Chapter Expense reimbursement Form (Word Document)
Interactive .docx form compatible with Word, Pages and Open Office.
Microsoft Word Document 485.2 KB

Community Service Report Form

Our Community Service Chair is vacant.  Your NG Leader tracks our reported volunteer time and money donations and reports the information to CAB. If you sew for local, national and international charity agencies and organizations please download and submit the form to your NG Leader. 
2020 ASG Chapter Community Service Report_fillable
Microsoft Word Document 16.9 KB

Projector Manual and Purchase receipt
View Sonic Model No: PJD5555W
Serial No: U4T170601412
Donated to SGCASG Feb 2019 by Sandi Dickenson
View Sonic projector_manual_viewsonic PJ
Adobe Acrobat Document 9.4 MB

Embroidery Files

To get our Sewphie Logo embroidery file log into our Members Only Embroidery download page or use our Contact Us form and let me know what file type(s) you need (DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3, XXX).

Please note that there is some back and forth with the same colors in the design - it's done that way so things will layer right, so please don't color sort it or it may not stitch right. :)