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Pins & Needles is led by Lorraine PotterFor more information or to be added to the P&N NG Member email list please contact her.  Meetings are combined with CSS. 


2020 Charity Projects are: Making masked, post-op pillows for the Manatee Hospital Breast Care Unit and making & filling gift bags for Hope Family Services.

Nov 7: Quick Chistmas Gifts

I hope all is well with you and yours.  We are planning on having a Zoom meeting Saturday the 7th of November and I hope all of you can join.

We would like to share ideas for quick Christmas Gifts or decorations that you have made either in the past or are making now.  We thought that the person showing the item that they made  would either give the YouTube video reference that instructs us on how the item is made or have a copy of the pattern or just general instructions on the construction of the item that could then be distributed at the meeting so all of us could make the item later. (not at the meeting).

If you want to send a picture of the item and its reference for construction before the meeting, I can put it all together or you can do it on the day of the meeting.  We thought that having your experience in how making the item was in comparison to the video and or instructions would be helpful for all.

If you don't have time to get the youtube or instructions, we still would like to see your ideas. 
We will also have our usual show tell and a quick meeting to bring you up to date on chapter activities. 

In addition, Hope Family Services asked us to make ditty bags for them for the Christmas season as we have done for many years.  I thought we would try to make 35 Adult bags and maybe 35 (or more ) children's ditty bags.  Kathleen has the pants from the Pirates and will donate them and is ordering some zippers for us.  Paulette received a donation of cotton with children's prints that we can use for the ditty bags for the kids.  I also have toiletries from last year and some additional items.  

I would like to discuss the logistics of distributing the materials and then getting them back plus ideas for collecting more toiletry items.  I think we can do it-- we were successful with our mask making and I am willing to do what is needed but many heads are better than one so I would like your ideas.  
If you have trouble with technology and want help with setting up Zoom or anything else, let me know.  Help is available. 

As ever contact me with questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to a fun meeting and most of all want to see all of your lovely faces.  

Lorraine Potter


Dec 5: Fill Ditty Bags/Christmas Crafts


Dec 12: Holiday Pot Luck with CSS


Our Community Service Chair is Jan Loy.  She tracks our reported volunteer time and money donations and reports the information to CAB. If you sew for local, national and international charity agencies and organizations please download and submit the form to Jan.