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 PPE Face Masks


Sewists around our country are meeting their community's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs. 


Home sewn masks serve as mask covers to extend the use of commercially made protective masks which are in in short supply. Add to that the number of people caring for a contagious family member at home and our community residents who depend on face coverings because their immune systems are too low to protect them from infections.


Health care facilities and organizations using home sewn (non medical) masks as covers or face coverings are encouraged to post their requests on We Need Masks.


We are unable to accept ANY donations at this time. 



We donate thousands of hours each year to community service sewing to meet the local needs of people. 

All Chapter Meeting and NG Meetings are cancelled until September to reduce the transmission of Covid19 (Corona Virus) in our community.


Coming Soon! 

Virtual NG Meetings and Chapter Programs

Check back the end of May for more information. 


Volunteers are needed to present in 2021. Please contact us if you can teach


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May 29: SIG Lingerie -Zoom meeting!

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Next CAB Meeting - July 10th


Sharing Our Love by Sewing Masks

During this time of uncertainty and sheltering-in-place, many are wondering what sewists can do to help. With the shortage of masks causing problems in doctor's offices, clinics, home care settings and hospitals, we can make a difference. ASG is working with our partner, the Sewing & Craft Alliance through a national website that has been set up to match those who can sew masks with those who need them.


Locally there are three urgent needs on this listing, New Horizons in Bradenton, Manor Care in Venice and Solaris Heathcare in Port Charlotte.Their contact information is available using this link.        

Please visit  https://www.weneedmasks.org for more information.

Our two Bradenton groups have sewn over 500 masks for the residents of Woodland Village in Bradenton, Hawthorne Village of Sarasota and the VA. 

Our Sarasota group has sewn nearly 200 for The Pines in Sarsaota a residential home in Sun City. Sarasota County Fire Dept EMS and the VA

Our Venice group has sewn nearly 500 masks for Venice Hospital, John Hopkins Children's Hospital in Tampa, Doctors Hospital, Tidewell Hospice and Manatee Sheriff's Dept for the Homeless.

These are in addition to those sewn and sent to support their families, neighbors, friends and New York hospitals. 


How WeNeedMasks.org Works

  • Registration: Each facility on the Locations Needing Masks tab has completed a form to request masks and has identified the style of mask they are able to accept. They also have an option to request their own pattern be used.
  • Listings: If there are no facilities listed in a specific state, it means that no organization from that state has registered on the site. As needs are filled, the facilities have been reporting and are removed from the list.
  • Fabric: The pattern and instructions on the website refer to using cotton weave or 100% cotton fabric, which the healthcare facilities are aware of. They may also include special instructions if they choose.
  • Safety: Each facility manages the use of fabric masks according to their own guidelines.They understand the masks are not considered full protective gear; however, the CDC has approved the use of fabric masks as a last resort. Some are at the last resort stage.
  • Use: In some cases, fabric masks are being used on patients exposed to COVID-19 but not yet exhibiting symptoms, while others are used by healthcare workers over their N95 mask to extend its usable life.
  • Counting Masks: There is a link on the website where you, as a mask provider, can report the # of masks you have sent to a listed facility. Please only report those that are sent to the locations listed.
  • Does it really help? While there are some large hospitals listed, many locations are smaller and will not be first in line to receive commercial masks when available. At least one location indicated their workers are using paper towels as masks until they can get something better.

When and How to Use a Mask

Current guidelines suggest mask wearing by the general public may reduce virus transmission. Studies show washable, reusable masks made from cotton are between 66-73% more effective than wearing no masks. When proper mask wear, hand washing and a 6 foot social distance are practiced, virus transmission is decreased in the general population. The most important practice to follow is to isolate yourself and your household from contact with others and keeping a 6 ft distance from others if you must leave the safety of your residence. 

The Mask Manual is based on WHO guidelines has been widely distributed in India and contains instructions on how to make a mask from any recycled cotton garment and rubber bands. 

The Mask Manual- contains information comparing surgical masks to cotton mask, mask wearing, sewn masks, how to make a simple mask if you can't sew or don't have a machine and other credible mask information.

2020 Annual Meeting

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