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 Anything Sews - Charity Sew Bears

 Creative Sassy Sewers -  No Meeting (Holiday)

 Embroidery SIG - No Meeting (Holiday)

 Pins & Needles - No Meeting (Holiday)

 Sew Chic - Beaded Bracelet

 Sew Social- Momigami, Paper into Fabric

 Sew Wearable Check with Leader 

 Zoom WWChristmas in July



 Anything Sews - Charity Sew Bears

 Creative Sassy Sewers - Bring your favorite Christmas gift to make or give

 Embroidery SIG - Check with Leader 

 Pins & Needles - Check with Leader 

 Sew Chic - Wallet/Card Holder 

 Sew SocialCharity Sew-Dog Mats, Comfort Dolls

 Sew Wearable Check with Leader

 Zoom WW- Expandable and Sustainable Tiny Tote, 



 Anything Sews - Sweatshirt Jacket

 Creative Sassy Sewers - Prep for Charity Sew

 Embroidery SIG - Check with Leader 

 Pins & Needles - Decorate Library Windows 

 Sew Chic - Repurpose 2 Shirts

 Sew SocialBindings, Lucy M

 Sew Wearable Check with Leader

  Zoom WWDoll Presentation, Helaine E



Members who would like to receive birthday cards are asked to contact Kimmie, our Sunshine Chair, with their birth month. 



Link to all our Public You Tube Videos.

We have Community Service and ASG Members Only videos of our recorded content


Evening Meetings

Contact Us if you would like to start up an evening group in person or on Zoom. Any new or current member is welcomed to become a group leader or co- leader.


2024 Upcoming Events


Brandon- East Bay Sewing Retreat

August 4-8

4-H Makers Camp

August 4-9, Contact Jackie P

 Community Sewing

Sep 21st

Annual Meeting

Nov 2nd

Christmas Party

Dec 7

Manatee County Fair

Jan 16-26, 2025


Next CAB Meeting - July 12 @ 9:30 am

Chapter Members Welcome


Members are encouraged to upload their photos when attending programs and events. Check out our Photo Page for more information. 


If you want to see what members have uploaded please visit our SGCASG Smug Mug photo site or click on the photo below. 



 Our current issue of Needle News is available for Download.

Deadline for next issue is Nov 1, 2024


Zoom Meetings: Go to zoom.us 
The Zoom join link and program information is sent to all members as a Blast Out, contact us to be added.




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Our chapter's current policies can be downloaded from the Members Only page.



Community Service Awards, Member of the Year and Special Recognitions are listed on our Hall of Fame.



Volunteers needed for 4H Camp in August
4H is asking us for 6 volunteers to teach a sewing project to 12 campers (ages 10-13) at their new 4H Makers’ Camp for a few hours for 2-3 days. No background check needed!

 Location is the Manatee County Fairgrounds, in Palmetto from August 5-9.  

Please contact Jackie P. if you can help.


Bernina 710 Sewing Machine purchased in May 2013.  The machine was just serviced. Additional included items: knee lift, extra-long Free Arm, Extension Table, attached magnifying glass with two different lenses, 24 bobbins, Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR), and 15 additional feet.  Accessory storage box, maintenance items included are screwdriver, oil, needle remover, cleaning brush, etc.

Price firm $2,100. Contact Judy H or use the Contact form and provide your name and phone number.
The 710 features include: Color Touch Screen, Bernina Dual Feed, Total Stitch Control, Bernina 9 Hook, Programmable Securing Function, BSR Functionality, Straight Stitch and Zigzag, Pivot/Hover Function, 680 Stitch Patterns including Alphabet, 5 Sewing Alphabets, 200 Decorative Stitches, Button Sew-on Program, 11 Buttonholes including Eyelet, 29 Utility Stitches, 23 Quilting Stitches, and 2 Darning Programs.
The Bernina 710 is equipped with the BSR function. The BSR foot provides high-speed free-motion stitching assistance with both straight and zigzag stitch options. The BSR keeps stitches consistent at variable sewing speeds, offering confidence for the beginner and additional assurance for the experienced quilter.
The feet included are: Ruffler, Darning (hopping), Buttonhole, Zipper, Patchwork, Reverse Pattern, Patchwork with guide, Reverse Pattern with Clear Foot, 4 mm Hemmer, Blind Stitch, Patchwork without Guide, Echo Quilting and Ruler Foot.  NOTE: All feet on the Bernina 440 fit on this 710.

Community Service Opportunities

SMH NICU is seeking scent cloths for babies to use in the absence of their mom. SMH NICU is seeking scent cloths for babies to use in the absence of their mom. Contact Jackie for more information.


Tidewell Hospice needs wheelchair and walker caddies, fidget mats, small pillow covers, journal covers, foley bag covers (request for navy or gray fabric only, in twill or a heavy fabric or fleece).  Please contact Jackie Pettit for videos and instructions.

Healthy Start Sarasota needs receiving blankets in cotton flannel (about 28-30” square).  They request no knit or crochet items and no edging in which infants can get tangled. Also do not include any items that would pose a choking hazard.  

Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota needs volunteers to help to sew and alter costumes for their up coming shows.


Manatee Memorial Hospital NICU/newborn unit needs newborn hats, knitted or crocheted. Please use only baby weight acrylic and/or nylon or cotton yarn,  NO WOOL. See pattern pdf below.  Contact Paulette for delivery pickup.

Contact us for more information. 

NICU Hats.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 388.2 KB
Community ServiceWe track our reported volunteer time and money donations and report the information to CAB. If you sew for local, national and international charity agencies and organizations please tell your NG Leader at your next Neighborhood Group meeting. 

Our members are currently involved in:
1. Teaching sewing on Monday and Saturday evenings at the  Bradenton Central Library.
2. Teaching sewing at the Englewood Library.
3. Helping with a textile project at the Boys and Girls Club, at both the DeSoto and Palmetto branches in June and July which will use in items that have been donated to us. 
4. Loaning 5 of our machines to the Visual Art Center in Punta Gorda. 

We are seeking member input on how best to utilize our other machines in storage.

Looking for Inspiration? The calendar below is a list of dates in the world of needle crafting. 

What is an NG? Its a Neighborhood Group!  

We are real people meeting in real buildings to sew real things. And we have a blast. So take a moment to step away from the world of virtual reality and mosey on down to your nearest NG. Better yet, bring a friend with you!

THANKS for letting us sew...

Opening your doors to our Neighborhood Group meetings means A LOT to us! 

Manatee County Library System, Sarasota County Library System, 

 Charlotte County Library System, and The Modern Sewist.

Special Thanks to Smug Mug for hosting our photos at no charge.

ASG Volunteer Forum

Are you new in your ASG Volunteer position?  We have an online group of past and present ASG volunteers who offer mentoring and provide answers to your many questions. Experienced Volunteers are also welcome to join.  Visit our ASG Volunteers Group to apply.