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Sep 26: Sew Chic - Community Sew


Oct 1: Pins & Needles - English Paper Piecing
Oct 7: Embroidery SIG - Check with Leader

Oct 8: Creative Sassy Sewers - Cutting, Piecing and Pressing 

Oct 15: Anything Sews - Canceled due to Annual Meeting

Oct 19: Zoom WWReverse Appliqué

Oct 20Sew Wearable - Check with Leader

Oct 24: Sew Chic - Community Sew


The CAB has reviewed and accepted our 2022 policy updates. You can download from the Members Only page.




Online voting has begun. Please contact us if you have not received a ballot. See Aug issue of Needle News for complete details.


Link to all our Public You Tube Videos.

We have Community Service and ASG Members Only videos of our recorded content


 Our current issue of Needle News is available for Download.

Deadline for next issue is Oct 1, 2022




Zoom WW Programs

Visitors Welcome!

Stay Tuned for NG ZOOM update!


Sep 21: Zoom WW- Tool Organizer


Chapter wide Charity Sew- two dates!

Members Only- bring a friend who sews

Saturday, Sept 10 & 26

walker bags, NICU scent cloths

and catheter covers

Walker Bags.pdf
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New to Zoom? Go to zoom.us 
For the best security, create a Zoom account, download the Zoom app or client and log in to join us. You can watch this video on how to sign into a zoom meeting if you choose not to register. 


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Next CAB Meeting - Oct 21 @ 9:30AM

Chapter Members Welcome


ASG Information Brochure

Current brochure for those interested in joining our ASG chapter
Designed to print double sided and folded into a 3 sectional brochure.
ASG Chapter Trifold 2022.pdf
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To find the Zoom Session information click on the Calendar date that you want to join. 

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Community Service Opportunities

SMH NICU is seeking scent cloths for babies to use in the absence of their mom. Finished Scent Cloth sizes are about 7" square. Cut two pieces 7.25 x 7.25 inches. One from cotton and one from flannel. Place sqaures together (flannel is back piece) and hem all sides 1/4 inch. Contact Jackie for distribution and fabric, if needed. 


Tidewell Hospice needs wheelchair and walker caddies, fidget mats, small pillow covers, journal covers, foley bag covers (request for navy or gray fabric only, in twill or a heavy fabric or fleece).  Please contact Jackie Pettit for videos and instructions.

Healthy Start Sarasota needs receiving blankets in cotton flannel (about 28-30” square).  They request no knit or crochet items and no edging in which infants can get tangled. Also do not include any items that would pose a choking hazard.  

Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota needs volunteers to help to sew and alter costumes for their up coming shows.


Manatee Memorial Hospital NICU/newborn unit needs newborn hats, knitted or crocheted. Please use only baby weight acrylic and/or nylon or cotton yarn,  NO WOOL. See pattern pdf below.  Contact Paulette for delivery pickup.

Contact us for more information. 

NICU Hats.pdf
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Community ServiceWe track our reported volunteer time and money donations and report the information to CAB. If you sew for local, national and international charity agencies and organizations please tell your NG Leader at your next Neighborhood Group meeting. 

Looking for Inspiration? The calendar below is a list of dates in the world of needle crafting. 

Are you new in your ASG Volunteer position?  We have an online group of past and present ASG volunteers who offer mentoring and provide answers to your many questions. Experienced Volunteers are also welcome to join.  Visit our ASG Volunteers Group to apply. 

ASG Volunteer Forum

When you do your regular Amazon shopping at smile.amazon.com/ch/65-0891250, AmazonSmile donates to our Sarasota/Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.

THANKS for letting us sew...

Opening your doors to our Neighborhood Group meetings means A LOT to us!


Central Manatee Library in Bradenton,  Frances T Bourne (Jacaranda) Library in Venice,

 Sew Worth It in Sarasota,   Shannon Staub Library in North Port 

 South Manatee Library in Bradenton

What is an NG? Its a Neighborhood Group!  

We are real people meeting in real buildings to sew real things. And we have a blast. So take a moment to step away from the world of virtual reality and mosey on down to your nearest NG. Better yet, bring a friend with you!