Groups IO Tutorials

Our CAB is exploring using a group on Groups IO (GIO) to communicate with our members about upcoming ents, programs and activities. 

These tutorials should answer all your questions. 

1. Intro to Groups IO (GIO)- What is it? How do I find our Chapter's Group?

2. Logging In- How do I log into GIO? How do I log into our Chapter's Group? What if I dont have a PW or forgot it? 

3. Subscriptions- What options do I have to get emails from our Chapter's Group? How do I get less emails? How do I get emails for ONLY the information I want? 

4. GIO Account- What is a GIO account? How to I create a profile? Or do I share my profile with ONLY members of our Chapter? How do I change my email address? What setting choices do I have? 

5. Topics & Messages- What's the difference? How to I email a Topic Post to our group? How do I 

6. Hashtags and Searching- What are hashtags?

more to come

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