Hall of Fame

In 2014 our President, Paulette Braga, initiated recognition for the Member of the Year Award. This award recognizes a member who has contributed outstanding service and commitment to our Chaper throughout that calendar year.


In 2018 our President, Lou Burns, initiated the Hall of Fame to recognize members who have contributed outstanding service and commitment to our Chaper over a sustained period of consecutive years.


This page is dedicated to our many volunteers, both named and unnamed. 


Member of the Year


2023: Julie Blood

2022: Julie Blood

2021: Crystal Allred

2020: Jackie Pettit

2019: Sandi Dickenson

2018: Paulette Braga

2017: Marie Gartley

2016: Lou Burns

2015: Sandi Dickenson

2014: Kathy Pell


Special Recognition/CAB Award


2022: Sandi Dickenson (ASG Spirit Award) and Paulette Braga (CAB Award)

2021: Paulette Braga (CAB Award)

2020: Julie Blood

Hall of Fame


Carolyn Robinette



Karen France

Lou Burns

Nancy Ceci



Crystal Allred

Terry Petti

Jackie Pettit

Evelyn LeVasseur



Judy Applestein

Delores Higgins

Barbara Malleck

Betty Matthews

Lorraine Potter

Joyce Sargeant

Shirley Spisak

Jayne Steiff



Crystal Allred

Sandi Dickenson

Kathleen Heinike

Jan Loy

Donna Lundquist

Donna Vertrate

Eva Winter




Paulette Braga

Marie Gartley

Helaine Eckstein

Kathy Pell

Barbara Van Buren


Community Service Awards


The following Chapter members have consistently provided their time, sewing related talents and materials to community organizations and received the Community Service Award during Annual Meeting as listed in the years below. 

2023Shirley Spisak, Linda Bynum, Nancy Ceci, Beth Black, and Jan Yeh

2022Kathy Pell, Lou Burns Kathleen Heinicke Paulette Braga Nancy Ceci Carolyn Robinette

2021Paulette Braga, Nancy Ceci,  Marie Gartley, Donna Lundquest, Lorraine PotterPeg Turner


2020 - Sandi Dickenson, Donna Lindquist, Eva Winter, Pins & Needles NG Members
2019 Glenda Blomquist, Marie Gartley, Donna Lundquist, Kathy Pell, Lorraine Potter, Donna Verstrate, Eva Winter
2018Brenda Broadbent, Kathy Pell, Shirley Spisak, Barbara VanBuren, Eva Winter