Our Smug Mug Photo Storage Site

Photos can only be added to our photo storage site by our members.


Our Historian Volunteer position which would manage our archived photos became vacant in 2018. Please contact us if you can volunteer for this. Until we can get this position filled, we rely solely on our Members to upload the photos they take. In the Interim, our IT Admin organizes the uploads when able. 


Direct Photo Site Uploading to our main site or to your NG album

MAIN Gallery (photos taken in current year):

If your photos are about a Chapter or ASG event you can upload them to a general gallery. 

1. Use this link: 


2. A window will open showing an area for you to drag and drop your photos. 

3. Drag them into the window  or browse and select the ones to upload.

4. Click Done when finished. 
They will be displayed in this gallery: https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/Uploads

At some future point, someone will move them into a gallery (album) where they best fit. 


NG Gallery

Each NG and SIG has their own photo gallery of photos. Members can upload or ask their NG Leader to upload them. 


Here are the links to use for each of the groups:

Anything Sews- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/rxndvg/AS

Creative Sassy Sewers- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/RkSmp5/CSS

Sew Chic- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/HNHnrh/SC

EMB SIG- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/3Hmgxt/EMB

Sew Social- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/jR838L/ss

Sew Wearable SIG- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/rmhg5m/SW

WW Zoom- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/ZpbvwF/WWZ


They can be viewed online by going to the Smug Mug main page and clicking on the NG Meetings and Projects folder and then clicking on the gallery of your choosing.



Direct Email Uploading

1. Compose an email to: sgcasg@email.smugmug.com

2. Into the Subject Line Type ONLY: asgphoto

3. Attach or embed your photo into the email 

4. Into the body of your email type ONLY: The Photo Caption

5. Hit send.


Request for CAB member to upload

Members may send photos to our Chapter Email address and request they be uploaded to our photo site. Please include information as to who is in the photo, what it is about and the type of event or meeting where it was taken.


Request for Newsletter publication and/or upload

Members send photos to our NEWS address and request they be published in Needle News. They can also include a request for them to be uploaded to our photo site. Please include information as to who is in the photo, what it is about and the event or meeting where it was taken.


Viewing Photos

Our archived photos can be viewed at: http://sgcasg.smugmug.com/
They are organized into these main Categories: Events, Community Service, NG Meetings, Members Contributions (photos sent by members for uploading) and Tutorials. 
By clicking on a category you will find albums called Galleries which are organized by the Event or NG name and arranged by the most recent year taken.