Our Smug Mug Photo Storage Site

Our Historian Volunteer position (now vacant) manages our archived photos on our SGCASG Smug Mug site. Meanwhile our Members can upload their own photos and videos to the 2024 Chapter Gallery or any other Gallery of their choosing. 

(Please contact us if you can volunteer as our Historian.)


Galleries are online photo albums viewable by the public. Each Gallery represents a specific time, event, meeting or topic.

The General Gallery contains photos taken in a specific year. 

Event Galleries contain photos taken at a specific Event such as Spring Fling, Sewing Retreat or Annual Meeting. 

NG/SIG Galleries contain photos of a specific NG/SIG's programs, Sew N Tell's, parties, etc.

Member Contribution Galleries consist of photos that a member wants to share. Any member can have their own Gallery (one per member). The only requirement is that it must pertain to needle work or a needle related activity. Please contact Sandi for details. 


More About Smug Mug Galleries

We do not have the space on our website to store our photos so we use a Professional Photo Service called Smug Mug to store our photos. Smug Mug has given us unlimited photo and video storage under their Non Profit plan.


The public can view our photos in our various Galleries (photo albums) by going to our SGCASG Smug Mug Home Page and clicking on a Gallery. They can right click on a photo to download it or share it. 


Galleries are inside Folders

A Folder contains one or more Galleries. Each Gallery represents a specific time, event or meeting.

Folders are used to hold all the Galleries in a similar Category. 

Here are some of the Folders: 

The General Galleries Folder  contains five Galleries. One Gallery contains photos taken in 2019, another Gallery has photos taken in 2020, etc. right up to the current year.

The Event Galleries Folder and Community Service Galleries Folder contain Galleries of photos taken at a specific Event such as Spring Fling, Sewing Retreat, Annual Meeting or at an ASG/Chapter Community Service project.

The NG/SIG Galleries Folder contains a Gallery for each of our NG/SIG's that take photos of their program or their members Sew N Tell.

The Member Contribution Galleries Folder consist of Galleries that individual members want to share. Some of the Galleries in this folder are: Our Sewing Space, a member attending a Louise Cutting Class in IL, an ASG Sewing Tour  and a members published articles on Doll Making.


Any member can have a Gallery. The only requirement is that it must pertain to needle work or a needle related activity. Please contact Sandi for details.


Uploading Your Photos

To upload photos: 

1. Click on a Gallery link below where you want your photo(s) to be uploaded

2. A window will open showing an area for you to drag and drop your photos. 

3. Drag them into the window. Or you can browse and select the ones to upload.

4. Click Done when finished. 

5. The page will display a notice telling you that your photos were uploaded. 

6. If the upload fails, check to make sure your file is one that is accepted. For example, live HEIC photos (apple format) and slo mo video are not compatible. JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, are accepted. Video files must be less than 3GB and under 20 minutes.

More information on file types is here: https://www.smugmughelp.com/hc/en-us/articles/18212788308116-Accepted-file-types-for-uploading


Gallery for year of 2024:

Any member photos can be uploaded to our 2024 Gallery. 

1. Use this link: 


2. Photos uploaded to this Gallery will remain there. They will NOT be sorted or moved!

3. Photos can be viewed here: https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/Photos-by-Year/All-of-2024


Photo EVENT Galleries

Spring Fling upload link:

Sewing Retreat upload link:

Annual Meeting upload link:


NG/SIG Galleries

Each NG and SIG will be given their own photo gallery of photos upon request. Members can upload their own photos or send them to their NG Leader for uploading. 


Here are the 2023 upload links for each groups that has requested a photo gallery:

Anything Sews- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/3LD523/AS

Creative Sassy Sewers- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/GcP4f6/CSS

EMB SIG- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/3Hmgxt/EMB

Pins & Needles- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/K5sZ9q/PN

Sew Chic- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/8VKtBf/sc

Sew Social- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/6wp8zD/ss


They can be viewed online by going to the Smug Mug main page and clicking on the NG Meetings and Projects folder and then clicking on the gallery of your choosing.


Member Galleries

Here is the upload link for:

Our Sewing Rooms- https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/upload/Sfx5kN/sharethelove

 Photos can be viewed at: https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/MemberContributions/Our-Sewing-Rooms


Photo Upload Gallery:

If you can't find the correct gallery, you can use the Upload Gallery. It is for photos that need to be sorted and moved into a specific gallery or a new one. 

1. Use this link: 


2. Contact Sandi to let her know how many photos you uploaded and what they are about so she can move them to the correct gallery or create a new one and email you the link where they can be viewed and dowloaded. 

3. You can view your uploaded photos here: https://sgcasg.smugmug.com/Uploads (until they are moved).


Other Upload Options

Direct Email Uploading

1. Compose an email to: sgcasg@email.smugmug.com

2. Into the Subject Line Type ONLY: asgphoto

3. Attach or embed your photo into the email 

4. Into the body of your email type ONLY: The Photo Caption

5. Hit send.


Request for a Volunteer to upload

Members may send photos to our Chapter Email address and request they be uploaded to our photo site. Please include information as to who is in the photo, what it is about and the type of event or meeting where it was taken. Someone will upload your photos and notify you of the link. 


Request for Newsletter publication

Members may send photos to our NEWS address and request they be published in Needle News. Please include information as to who is in the photo, what it is about and the event or meeting where it was taken. You will receive an email that they were received but please be aware that due to newsletter space limitations, they may not be published.