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Oct 2, 2021: Christmas Project- Santa Head with Lorraine

Pattern Pieces for Santa
Download this PDF for the pattern pieces for the Santa Head Christmas project
10 2021 Santa.pdf
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Santa Head Instructions
Instructions for Santa Head Christmas project
10 1 2021Santa Head Instructions.docx
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Jul 17 2021: Fabric Christmas Wreath with Crystal

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Jan 9, 2021:  Valentine gift/candy bag with clear plastic heart cut out by Robin and Terry

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Oct 20, 2021: Casserole Carrier with Helaine Eckstein

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2 co-ordinating fabrics -21 1/2’’ X 27” of each 

¾ yd. Bosal or Insulbrite or plain batting 

(2) 3” rings 



From each of the co-ordinating squares cut a 21 1/2” square and a 3 or 4” X 

21” rectangle. 

Cut the same size square and rectangle from the batting. 

Place the 2 fabric squares right sides together. The Bosal will go on the wrong side of the piece of 

fabric that will be the outside of the carrier with the shiny side facing away from the fabric. Stitch a 

1/4” seam allowance leaving a hole to turn. I leave between 3 and 4”. Be sure to backstitch beginning 

and end of seam. Trim corners, turn and press or pin ( if using Bosal DO NOT press at this time, it 

shrinks!) seams along edges. Close hole using ladder stitch. 

Quilt the finished square.  Topstitch if you wish. 

Make the handle by placing the 2 rectangles right sides together and batting the same as you did on the 

square.  Stitch down the 2 long sides at 1/4”, trim batting out and turn. Topstitch and/or quilt handle 


Lay quilted square on table with the right side up facing you. Place the handle right sides down so that 

it is diagonally opposite on 2 corners. Stitch 1/4” SA. Trim to 1/8”. Flip the handle over and stitch a 

3/8” SA. Diagram A 

On the opposite corners place the 3” rings and bring the wrong side through the ring so the lining is 

showing. Sew across the small corner of the contrasting fabric. Diagram B. 

Turn casserole cover so the right side is out and handles lay across the wrong side of the cover. Fold the 

corner with the ring to the middle and pull the handle through the ring. Repeat for the other ring



Casserole Carrier Slide Program.pdf
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Download includes diagrams that clarify instructions
Casserole Carrier Final Instructions.pdf
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