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The American Sewing Guild (ASG) is a national organization for all ages at any sewing level. ASG members meet in Neighborhood Groups (NGs) to learn new sewing skills, network with other sewists and participate in community service sewing projects. ASG membership offers a number of benefits- discounts, free tutorials, publications and more. ASG is a non-profit 501(c) organization. We invite you to JOIN ASG today, meet sewing friends and take advantage of the many discounts and benefits available to ASG members.

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What does ASG Mean to Us?

It means we are ENTHUSIASTIC about sewing! A few of us are professional educators and business owners. Some are advanced seamstresses. Others are just learning to sew. Most of us are somewhere in-between newbies and professionals. We enjoy learning new skills and having sewing friends who share our successes and challenges. 


Our Neighborhood Group (NG) meetings and Community Service opportunities give us "hands-on" sewing experience. We make items for anyone in need: babies, children, adults, seniors and pets. We look for opportunities that use our talents, time and interest.


We have chapter events where we learn from sewing professionals and we travel to ASG national events centered around fashion and sewing. We have access to online education and take advantage of ASG membership discounts for 60+ national retailers!


Hope to see you at a meeting soon!

My Sewing Journey by Helaine
Submitted in Dec 2020
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Why I Love ASG

by Judy Applestein (1926-2023)


I believe I am probably one of the oldest members still active in ASG. I know the records do not go back as far as I remember being involved with a Neighborhood Group. I think it was about 1980 so I have been a member for about 35 years and I still love it.


At the time, I had gotten a divorce and was a beginning sewer; most of the sewing interaction that I had was with one fabric store- the owner & her daughter. They helped me with all sorts of challenges and then... they closed the store!! I had no one to turn to.  


One day I was browsing in a sewing machine store and saw an ad for a luncheon at the Miami Dadeland Marriott Hotel; Chlotilde was going to speak. I did not know who she was, but this intrigued me. I went, signed up as a member and the rest is history.


Now, I had the people to ask about the various challenges I meet up with.  Oh- it was wonderful to interact with people with the same interests!!


I became Treasurer for 4 years and President for 3 years in Miami and then moved to the other side of Florida. Within the first month I was here, somehow I ended up back in the Bradenton-Sarasota chapter. I had instant friends!! I ended up Treasurer here for 4 years and Neighborhood Group Leader for about 7 years. This last week we had the first NG meeting of the year. The program was terrific, nothing I had not heard before, but I still loved it.  Almost every program teaches me something, even though I had familiarity before. I really enjoy the members of our Neighborhood Group and find them to be a wonderful resource for learning more.


Thank you ASG- keep on going!!