Member Classifieds

Looking for something to buy? Have something to sell?


Send an email with information, pictures and manuals if you have them. New listings are posted generally on the day received, but may take longer if I am away. All transactions for any listed items are between the seller and buyer. The Chapter will not become involved in any listings, transaction disagreements or disputes.



1. To post on this page, send an email to Sandi or use the Contact Form. Include your name, last initial and NG when possible so members can figure out who you are. 

2. Send "best" photo possible so members can enlarge it to see details. 

3. If you can't figure out who the member is you can use our  Contact Form . A faster option for ASG Chapter members, is to go to our Membership Directory to get the member's contact information. 

4. If it has been more than 24 hours and your listing is not displayed, please call me (Sandi).

5. After 3 months, you will be asked if you want to renew. If you don't respond to the email, then your listing(s) may be deleted.

6. Contact Sandi to have your listing changed or removed earlier than 3 months.

7. If you expect to have quite a few listing, a separate page may be created for you with a link back to this page- that way this page stays less cluttered.  

Member Classifieds will only be accepted from ASG members. You may be asked for your ASG member number to verify your eligibility.