Calendar of Events, Meetings, Activities and Local Happenings

DID YOU KNOW? Non ASG Members can attend Chapter Events for an additional $10? And all ASG Members can "join" (attend) as many of our Neighborhood Groups (NGs) as they like! 


Chapter Event Registration Forms and Flyers are available as downloads on this Calendar and from our Events Page


Most NG Leaders email their program information, pattern and supply sheet of materials to their members within a few days of the scheduled meeting. That information is added to our calendar and posted on the specific NG's page. If you would like to receive the NG emails directly, please give your email address to your NG Leader. 


If you are a visitor and would like to participate, please contact the NG Leader directly so she can advise you of any last minute updates. Visitors may attend any two NG meetings in our Chapter before making their decision to join ASG. 

Our Calendar is hosted by Google and embedded into this site. If you use a computer, device or smart phone type of calendar you can easily add our chapter calendar events to your personal calendar. You may find this setting to be titled ADD or ADD NEW or SUBSCRIBE or IMPORT

Click the Download button to get the information your need or send an email with your request to SHARE our calendar. 

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