Brandon East Bay ASG Chapter sponsors two retreats each year.  

Judy Herbert arranges for one at The Carlisle in September/early October, and the ETC Neighborhood Group arranges for one at Lake Yale Retreat Center during the last week of January.  There are a couple of other retreats that members have arranged, but they are NOT conducted by the ASG Chapter.

The retreat at Lake Yale was set up so that members who are snowbirds can participate in retreats, since most do not arrive until October or November.  

Attendance at Lake Yale has dropped in recent years for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to the following:

1.  Walking on uneven ground in the sand

2. Uncomfortable beds

3. Mediocre food

4. Too far/too rural to drive

5. Room is not open early or late

I attended the most recent retreat, and, although there were only 16 people, the 4 day/3 night experience was well worth my time.  

If you attended in the past, I would like you to consider returning for the following reasons:

1. Lake Yale Center has been working on improvements, including a sidewalk that starts across the street from the retreat room directly to the Dogwood, where our rooms are located.  It seems to be better lit than in the past, but the sidewalk really makes a difference.  I have enclosed photos.

2. There are new mattresses, not Tempurpedics, but pretty comfortable.

3. The food is the food, but the salad bar is quite nice, fresh and cold with many options.

4. It is still two hours away from Sun City Center, but I may be able to arrange for a few folks to drive another person if their cars are large enough to accommodate retreat supplies (My husband asked me if I was moving out as he helped me pack the car!).

5. A few folks stayed late every night, and I was given a key so that I could open the room at 6 a.m. each morning for early birds. Nighttime lighting is improved. but I could arrange for us to return to our rooms in pairs so that no one would have to walk in the dark, if that is important.

This is a No Frills Retreat.  There are no teachers, although individual participants sometimes do demonstrations.  

A Material Girl Quilt Shop, located in a barn on a farm near Eustis, about 20 minutes away from Lake Yale, invited us to visit the shop in groups of 8.  The owner offered a 20% discount on anything in the store, and an additional 10% if you pay by check or with cash.  

The retreat will be held January 25 - 28, 2021beginning Monday morning, and ending Thursday after lunch.  The cost for the 2020 retreat was $267 each for a double room, and $342 for a single room.  Remember, this includes three meals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and breakfast and lunch on Thursday.  We anticipate that prices for 2021 will be nearly the same.

We may be able to arrange for rooms for a Sunday afternoon arrival for an additional $60, but that does not include dinner on Sunday evening.  

We expect the retreat to go forward next year, even in light of the Covid situation. If it is cancelled, your deposit will be refunded. 

To secure your reservation, mail your check in the amount of $50.00 payable to Brandon East Bay Chapter ASG, to:

M.V. Wendell

1915 Wolf Laurel Drive

Sun City Center, Florida 33573

Please use our Contact Us page and request the contact information for Cindy Faulk if you have any questions. 

The above photos show the sidewalk and street area walk from their retreat room to the Dogwood, where our rooms are located.