Sewphie's Story

In 2015, our members asked for original 2003 Sewphie to have an updated look for our 20th Anniversary. We held a contest and received one entry, a colorized version of Sewphie.


Members then voted to extend the contest until Jan 10, 2016. No entries were received so we contracted with Kool Design Maker. We gave them information about what our members wanted and they came up with our new Sewphie mascot logo. Sewphie's "new look" was introduced during our Chapter's 20th Anniversary Luncheon in February. She is a registered trademark of Sarasota/Gulf Coast ASG and both are licensed under Creative Commons. 

I Have a Name! by Elaine Chapman

I have a name! I have a name! I am no longer nameless!

Sewphie is my new first name, Thanks to you all for playing the game! 

The member who submitted my name to the pool is-- non other, than our own ---Diane Deuel 

Holy seacow!  She's so cool!


You sent in names, lots and lots of great names but, just like at the Olympic games,

Only one name could be the winner. It' really too bad, I can't take you ALL out to dinner!

Thanks to you ladies who gave a vote, one of the prizes was a trip to Mote!


Another prize is a trip to see Snooty. My distant relation is such a beauty! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you all. Without you ladies I wouldn't exist

Thank you again!  ---Oh, you get the gist!!!


American Sewing Guild’s Newest 2003 Member















 The Sarasota-Gulf Coast Chapter of ASG’s newest member is a manatee, their own little mermaid of the sea.

As an ASG member, she has many friends, as many as the classes, meetings and programs she attends.

All these sewing friends are part of the key to her wonderful life by the shining sea.

Look at all the beautiful colors in the glistening water. Why–they match the outfit she just made for her daughter.


Armed with fabric, scissors, needle and thread, She has tons of ideas swimming ‘round in her head.

Dreaming of show and tell, and all her new classes, she sure looks swell in those funky sunglasses.

No time for cooking, no time for cleaning, ...Oh, my gosh–the stash pile is leaning!!!

That pink flamingo over on the sandy beach, has just asked if a sewing class, she would teach.


Of course she will, it would give her a thrill to teach someone to sew in 2003 for the American Sewing Guild-ASG.

The Sarasota/Gulf Coast Chapter of ASG hopes you’ll join us on our next shopping spree;

To purchase much needed fabric galore, all along the beautiful Gulf Coast Shore.

She’s got no time to sit and ponder - She’s got no time to squander - Is that a fabric sale over yonder? 

"The Year is 2003" by Eva Winter

The 25th anniversary of ASG was celebrated at the annual conference in Portland, Oregon. 

All Chapters were encouraged to submit an article or object to be placed in a time capsule. The Sarasota/Gulf Coast contribution was an embroidery featuring a Florida Manatee complete with blue water and a gorgeous beach that was created by members of our chapter.

Sara Megletti of the North Jersey Chapter was Board Chair that year and she presided over the filling of a time capsule with many items provided by various ASG chapters during the closing luncheon on Sunday. 

The time capsule will be stored at ASG headquarters in Houston. It probably will be reopened when ASG celebrates its 50th anniversary at the annual conference in 2028.  

Who will be there????

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